Lebatard_5-19-15- Part 2

Listen to Hour 2 - Guest: Chipper Jones 4:00 - The show starts its new life on Fusion by opening the gate to...DEFLATEGATE! Robert Kraft will not appeal the league's punishment against the New England Patriots as a team. The NFLPA will appeal on behalf of Tom Brady. 4:15 - Stugotz is trying to get his "Robert Kraft got the Cliff Notes version of the Ted Wells report" theory off the ground. Who's the most trusted newsman? 4:30 - Former Atlanta Braves third baseman Larry Jones joins us on the show. I believe you guys call him "Chipper." Lawrence talks about the fact that he's an ex-husband who is now getting re-married. Chipper says that Marlins owner Jeffery Loria give him a good laugh. Who's the strongest hitter in the history of Major League Baseball? 4:45 - NFLPA fighting Roger Goodell. Going in on behalf of Tom Brady. Stugotz continues to try to get his theory off the ground.  

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