Lebatard_5-26-15- Part 2

Listen to Hour 2 - Guest: Marc Stein 4:00 - Dan explains his new stance on not rooting for the Cavaliers. Stugotz explains his stance on the Rockets. Guess who's less of a knee-jerker 4:15 - More on the NBA Playoffs and the problems these injuries have caused for the Cavaliers. And the Cavaliers fans being all sorts of mean to Dan. 4:30 - ESPN NBA writer Marc Stein stuck in Houston due to very poor weather joins the program to talk playoffs. Dan doesn't believe that this is the most efficient LeBron James he's seen...not as good as the 4 years that LeBron spent in Miami. Who's better than the Cavaliers? The Stephen Curry fall. 4:45 - Dan finds himself defending the way he watches LeBron James now yet he says he doesn't recognize this season's LeBron because of how inefficient he's been. Apparently, because the conversation went off the rails talking about hobos, we find out through a bad joke that Greg Cote knows something about the bindle on a stick that hobos used to carry personal items around.  

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