Are You at Wit's End With Bedtime Challenges?

Resources mentioned in the podcast: How to Help Your Child Have a Happy Bedtime Every Night (Part 1 and 2)Podcast: Troubleshooting Naptime Podcast highlights: 6:35 - Mom with a Type 1 son who gets hyperactive at bedtime. 13:58 - Type 4, 5 y.o. doesn't communicate about his allergy pains. How to help him communicate. Also, how to deal with an allergy in a positive way 20:25 - Type 3, 2 y.o. won't stay in bed. Also how to create bedtime routine for a Type 1 child. 29:52 - Type 2 mom asks how to help Type 1, 4 y.o. who is wired at bedtime and has hard time settling down for sleep. 33:38 - Type 2 mom with a Type 3, 15 m.o. who wakes at night every 2 hours. 37:24 - Type 1, 4 y.o. wants to sleep with parents in bed constantly. Learn more from Carol each week! Visit and receive Carol and Anne's weekly Parenting Practice right to your inbox.  

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