01: Welcome to Liz's Healthy Table with Liz Weiss, MS, RDN

Your host, Liz Weiss, is a dietician, cookbook author, food blogger and the mom of two grown boys, who have eaten her out of house and home, for the past two decades. Liz used to co-host a show called Cooking With Moms and also an online platform called Meal Makeover Moms, from 2008 to 2016 with Janice Bissex. The time, however, came to move on and so came the birth of Liz's Healthy Table. On today's show, Liz tells you about her journey in the world of nutrition, as a mom and a foodie. She also talks about what you can expect to hear on the show, moving forward, as she's done a survey, to find out what you, the listener, would like as topics. Her guest for today, is her husband, Tim, who is a pescatarian. Listen in to find out what Tim has to say and also what's in store for you on Liz's new podcast.   On today's show, you'll hear:   About Liz's closed Facebook Group, Podcast Posse- how you can join it and what you can expect to find there. Some upcoming guests and topics for future shows. What it's like for Liz's husband Tim to be married to a registered dietician. Why Tim calls Liz a bully, when they go out to dinner. What it was like for Tim at the dinner table, when their boys, Josh and Simon were still toddlers. Tim's favorite meal, that Liz cooks for the family. What Tim used to eat when he was a bachelor. About how Liz loves to camp out and cook over an open fire. The cool things you can do when you visit www.lizshealthytable.com How growing up was a big, fun, food adventure, with a mom who was a Home Ec. teacher and a really great cook. That when kids learn how to cook, they are more likely to embrace eating a variety of healthy foods. All about Liz's education. The nutritional work that Liz did at CNN. Liz's Healthy Lunch Task Force, to advocate for radical and healthy changes in the elementary school's cafeteria.   Links:   Liz's website: www.lizshealthytable.com   Liz's email: liz@lizshealthytable.com   Resources:  Books by Yotam Ottolenghi- Plenty and Jerusalem    

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