The Common English Bible - Do We Need Another Translation? Unbelievable? 25 Feb 2012

The Common English Bible is a recently released new translation of Scripture.  An interdenominational team of Bible scholars worked on the project, with thousands of people involved in test readings.  The aim was to produce an accurate, but jargon-free Bible, aimed at today’s English reader. Joel B Green, Professor at Fuller Theological Seminary headed the team of NT translators. He discusses some of the unusual choices of phraseology and interpretation with NIV Bible scholar David Instone-Brewer of Tyndale House, Cambridge. Do we need another English translation? Why “Human One” instead of “Son of Man”? Is gender neutral language helpful? Have passages such as 1 Tim 2 been translated to favour an egalitarian theology? Plus questions from listeners. For the Common English Bible Enter the dr [...]

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