Is there scientific evidence for the star of Bethlehem? Unbelievable? 7 Jan 2012

A show marking January’s Feast of the Epiphany which marks the visit of the Magi to the infant Jesus. Various astronomical theories have been put forward for what might have constituted the “Star of Bethlehem” that guided the Magi as recorded in Matthew 2. Christian Astrophysicists Hugh Ross and Jeff Zweerink of Reasons To Believe join Justin. Agnostic Astronomer Mark Kidger who works for the European Space Agency also joins the conversation. The firmly sceptical side is catered for by Norman Bacrac of the Ethical Society. Hugh, Jeff and Mark outline the conclusion their work has drawn on the Star of Bethlehem most likely being a recurring nova, witnessed by other astronomers in 5 BC. Norman expresses scepticism at the idea a celestial object could have led the Magi to a specific location and the astronomers respond. For Reasons to Believe resources on The Star http://www. [...]

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