Unbelievable? 15 Oct 2011 - “Is the Bible historically reliable?” debate

Last chance to book: The Reasonable Faith Tour with William Lane Craig 17-26 October http://www.premier.org.uk/craig On today’s Show: New Testament Scholar David Instone-Brewer and Bible sceptic Ken Humphreys met in a debte at Gunnersbury Baptist Church, London recently. David argues that the Bible is  reliable source of historical information, Ken Humphreys argues it is not.  Covering archaelogical evidence, the New Testament accounts of Christ and more, they present their case to an audience of sceptics and Christians, followed by Questions. For the full debate visit http://www.gunnersburybaptistchurch.org/events/viewmp3.php?mp3=42-0   For David Instone Brewer see http://www.tyndale.ca [...]

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