Unbelievable? 19 Mar 2011 - Presuppositional apologetics round 2

6 months ago Sye Ten Bruggencate and atheist Paul Baird met to discuss Sye’s presuppositional approach to proof of God.  Sye claims that the fact Paul believes in laws of logic, maths, science and rationality prove that God exists. The show was a popular download with many subsequent online debates.  They are back - Paul brings 6 months experience of debate on the subject online with him.  Sye responds to some criticisms we received of his approach, including whether one can prove full blown Christian belief from presuppositional apologetics. For Sye see http://www.proofthatgodexists.org/ For Paul Baird http://patientandpersistant.blogspot.com/ To see some of the discussion threads on Presuppositional apologetics created by the last programme see:

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