Unbelievable? 19 Feb 2011 - Are there many paths to God?

In an age of religious pluralism it can seem arrogant for Christians to claim they have “the truth” or the only means to salvation.  So when Jesus said “no-one comes to the Father except through me” what did he mean? And what about those who have not heard the Gospel? John Hick is a noted philosopher and theologian who is a proponent of a pluralist view of religion - that there is one light (God) but many lampshades (religious expressions). Chris Sinkinson is a pastor and Bible tutor who has critiqued Hick’s work.  He says that pluralism empties Christianity of any content and in its own way disrespects other religions more than his own exclusivist stance. For John Hick see http://www.johnhick.org.uk/ Chris Sinkinson is a tutor at Moorlands Bible College http://www.moorlands.ac.uk/home/about-us/staff-profile [...]

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