Unbelievable? 11 Dec 2010 - Islamic Blasphemy Law

Asia Bibi is the first Christian woman in Pakistan to be sentenced to death for allegedly blaspheming against Mohammed.  In light of her case we discuss Pakistan’s use of Islamic blasphemy law with Adnan Rashid of the Hittin Institute and Stuart Windsor and John Joseph of Christian Solidarity Worldwide.   Stuart Windsor is director of CSW who supports those suffering persecution.  John Joseph is a Christian human rights activist who has defended a number of people in Pakistan accused of blasphemy.  They say Paikistan’s blasphemy laws are used to settle personal disputes and are making life dangerous for Christians.    Adnan Rashid is a Muslim apologist.  He condemns abuses of the blasphemy law and mob justice in Pakistan but believes properly run Islamic states should be able to impose the death penalty on those who unrepentantly insult Mohamed.   For Adnan Rashid see

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