Unbelievable? 20 Nov 2010 - Philip Yancey on “What Good is God?”

Best-selling US Christian Author Philip Yancey writes books that address some of the hardest questions that Christians ask of themselves and skeptics ask of Christians.  His latest book “What Good is God?” looks at how Christian belief matters in the lives of those who suffer. He chats with atheist Paul Thompson (aka “Sinbad” on the Premier Community).  Paul was present at the Twin Towers on Sep 11 2001. He says that while faith may be a comfort to those in distress, there is no proof that God is responsible. For Philip Yancey http://www.philipyancey.com/ For his book “What Good is God?” http://www.amazon.com/What-Good-God-Search-Matters/dp/0446559857 For Paul’s profile (”Sinbad”) on the Premier Community http://www.pre [...]

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