Unbelievable? 10 Jul 2010 - Was Saint Paul mentally ill & the proponent of a hoax religion?

‘B Strong’ is a former Christian who lost his faith after examining the claims of the Bible.  His booklet “Jesus is a hoax” claims, among many things, that the Apostle Paul was mentally ill due to his fanatical pre and post-conversion behaviour.  It also claims Jesus is one of the greatest hoaxes of history. John Tancock (JT) is a Welsh church leader and apologist.  He engages the sceptical arguments on Paul and Jesus.  He believes Jesus is one of the best attested historical character of antiquity and that the Apostle Paul one of his most reliable (and perfectly sane) witnesses. They will continue the debate at the “Unbelievable?” Group of the Premier Community http://www.premiercommunity.org.uk/group/unbelievable For JT’s Youtube apologetics videos see

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