Unbelievable? 24 Apr 2010 - Atheists Grill A Christian

We mix things up a bit this week with a different format.  Four atheist listeners of the show get their chance to air their objections to Christian faith.  Taking their questions and criticisms is Church pastor David Robertson, author of “The Dawkins Letters”. Martyn Frame asks “Would the Universe look different without God?”.  Trevor asks “What about Old Testament Laws that we find offensive?”.  Alex Bryce probes David on the Moral argument for God.  David Moser questions whether the problem of suffering has been properly thought through by Christians. The debate will continue online at the ‘Unbelievable?’ group of the Premier Community as each atheist posts up their questions and David responds.  Join in at http://www.premiercommunity.org.uk/group/unbelievable For David Robertson see http:// [...]

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