Unbelievable? 3 Apr 2010 - The Unification Church of Sun Myung Moon & Easter

The Unification church of Revd Sun Myung Moon (aka The Moonies) is often regarded as a cult.  But what do they actually believe about Jesus and his death and resurrection? Christian Nseka is a member of the religion and believes we need to see Jesus’ death and resurrection in a new way.  He believes that Christ did not fulfil his mission and that Revd Moon is the new Messiah. Doug Harris runs the Reachout Trust, a Christian organisation seeking to engage with Cults and the New Age.  He believes that Nseka’s understanding of the Bible is skewed and he has missed the point of Jesus death and resurrection at Easter. For Doug Harris visit http://www.reachouttrust.org/ or his TV show on Revelation TV http://www.revelationtv.com/progblog.php?progid=795 For Christian Nseka visit http://www.messiah [...]

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