Unbelievable? 30 Jan 2010 - Where was God in Haiti?

Hundreds of thousands died in the Haiti earthquake of Jan 2010.  Many more are still suffering.  So where was God? Can we believe in an all loving, all powerful God in the face of such suffering and destruction? Roger Forster of The Ichthus Christian Fellowship argues that God suffers with those affected.  Atheist Gordon Livesey believes that if God existed he would act to intervene.  Nick Peters, who himself suffers from disability, argues that the existence of evil does not preclude a loving, almighty God. For Roger Forster’s book “Suffering and the Love of God” visit http://www.ichthus.org.uk/Shop/ To support the DEC appeal for Haiti visit www.dec.org.uk You can hear more Christian/non-Christian discussion at www.premier.org.uk/unbelievable or

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