Unbelievable? 21 Mar 2009 “Challenging Atheist Myths” Part1

Church minister David Robertson authored a series of Open Letters to Richard Dawkins after the publication of “The God Delusion” that sought to expose the flaws in his argument and the “atheist myths” that he was guilty of. Those missives became a book called “The Dawkins Letters: Challenging atheist myths” and has propelled David into the spotlight as he addresses sceptical audiences on whether Christian belief makes sense. He debates with student Adrian Hayter also known as the “atheist blogger” online. Adrian disagrees with David’s conclusions. They debate “the myth of Atheist rationality and tolerance” & ”the myth of the inherent evil of religion” Tune in next week for round 2… To buy “The Dawkins Letters” go to www.premier.org.uk/shopping For David Robertson see:

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