Unbelievable? 29 Nov 2008 Creation or Evolution - do we have to choose?

Denis Alexander is the author of ”Creation or Evolution - do we have to choose?” - his answer is ”no”.  Denis believes Darwin’s theory is perfectly compatible with belief in the creator God of the Bible.  Stephen Lloyd of Biblical Creation Ministries disagrees - he says that the Gospel itself depends on the Adam and Eve story being literally true. Buy “Creation or Evolution- do we have to choose?” at www.premier.org.uk/shopping For Theistic Evolution visit www.cis.org.uk For Creationism visit www.biblicalcreationministries.org.uk If you enjoyed this programme you can find similar topics in our archive - 30 Aug 08; 21 Jun 08; 16 Feb 08; 13 Oct 08 To hear more discussions between Christians and non-Christians go to

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