642: Is Heme People?

Georgia Dow, Rene Ritchie, Mikah Sargent, and Lory Gil are here with all the CES 2019 news that's relevant to Apple users. They talk about AirPlay 2 and/or iTunes coming to TVs from a variety of manufacturers and the emergence of HomeKit-enabled products. Other topics include Impossible Burger 2.0, Focals smart glasses, and invasions of privacy by Ring and other companies. Finally, they discuss how a female-founded sex tech company was given a CES 2019 Innovation Award – only to have that award subsequently revoked. Show Notes and Links: TechnoBuffalo The Dogs of CES 2019 CES 2019 — Everything from the show! Apple is putting iTunes on Samsung and AirPlay on LG, Vizio, Sony TVs Focals by North promise to bring smart glasses to all of us The New Impossible Burger Tastes Even More Like Real Beef and People Are Loving It Ring employees may have been spying on your security cameras and doorbells HomeKit Products CES revokes award from female-founded sex tech company Sponsors: Thrifter.com: All the best deals from Amazon, Best Buy, and more, fussily curated and constantly updated. Hosts: Lory Gil Mikah Sargent Rene Ritchie Georgia Dow  

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