594: Six Hundred Tables

Lory Gil, Mikah Sargent, and Serenity Caldwell talk about the HomePod staining some wood finishes, how to avoid it, and why Apple missed this (or at least warning customers of the possibility) in the first place. They also discuss fixes for the Telugu character bug. On a happier note, Lory espouses the joy of using Airplay to send audio from her Apple TV to HomePod for a better home theater experience. Show notes iMore show 594 video edition How to stop HomePod and Sonos One from leaving white rings on wood furniture How to fix the message app crash bug on iPhone and iPad Sponsors Thrifter.com: All the best deals from Amazon, Best Buy, and more, fussily curated and constantly updated. Hosts Lory Gil Mikah Sargent Serenity Caldwell Be part of the show! Send in your comments, questions, feedback, or follow-up to: Email: imoreshow@imore.com Twitter: @iMore with hashtag #askimore  

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