Tii - iTem 0326 - MCX and CurrentC are evil

Tii - iTem 0326 - MCX and CurrentC are evil Give us a call - 1-206-666-6364 Send us email - todayinios@gmail.com   Links Mentioned in this Episode: Today's Sponsor - Harry's.com - Promo Code = tii CVS and Rite Aid block Apple Pay  A closer look at CurrentC Apple Pay being shut out by retailers Apple Pay Is Disabled by Rite Aid and CVS  Blocking Apple Pay Is a Stupid Move for Retailers The Apple Pay refuseniks at CVS won’t win this battle CurrentC Hacked - Business Insider Tim Cook on Apple Pay: 'We're already No. 1' in mobile payments More proof AT&T is clueless/evil Feds: AT&T misled millions on 'unlimited' data plans iPhone 6 Plus users report persistent unexplained crashing Google+ Community SPI 2014: Sapphire yield issues brought GTAT down GT Advanced blames Apple for one-sided sapphire contract Did GTAT Just Have Bad Management Or Did Apple Do Them In? xPrintServer - an iOS Print Server for iPhone and iPad Printing (use promo code 2014ShipFree) Cesar Kuriyama's Ted talk about 1 Second Everyday     Apps Mentioned in this Episode: Tii FREE App Garageband Fotor Slender Man Origins 2 Note-ify Text Expander Swiftkey Swype Path Input vBrowse PainterEsque Picr 1 Second Every Day        

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