Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 3/29/19

On Friday's Mark Levin Show, there is a history of Democrats, including former presidents, using police state tactics to go after their political opponents. FDR used the IRS as a political weapon to punish rivals like Treasury secretary Andrew Mellon. At the behest of FDR, prosecutors went after Mellon's tax returns; sound familiar? Friends and family of his were audited as part of the attack. The Annenberg family which owned the Philadelphia Enquirer which was critical of FDR, so they too were targeted by the IRS for audits, jailing, and endless financial prosecution. Lyndon Johnson also bugged the campaign phones of Barry Goldwater. In similar fashion JFK also weaponized the IRS to go after his dissidents. in more modern history, Barack Obama allowed the IRS to go after the Tea Party and at the end of his second term, to go after the Trump campaign. Trump did nothing, yet they used the threat of impeachment to try and blackmail him. Thankfully he was tough, fought back, and the hoax was disproved. When you understand history, how can journalists say that Trump is the greatest threat to the press that we have seen in modern times?
Then, Obama-era Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson, agrees that there is a crisis at the border. So, why are the Democrats denying this?

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