Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 3/13/19

On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, Republicans are undermining the President of The United States, some even dress up as Constitutional conservatives. Some of them don't understand the Constitution, the separation of powers, or the budget process. The National Emergencies Act affords the President specific authority, Congress and the courts can still override the president; this act does not give a president dictatorial powers.. Movement of funds under military codification act is Constitutional and has been used by many previous presidents. President Trump is not appropriating funds, he’s merely moving already appropriated funds under Congressionally approved statues in order to operate the executive branch and secure the southern border. Then, the media portrays the recent college admissions scandal as a rich versus poor scenario rather than wrong versus right. There are all types of people that scam the system when it comes to getting into college, not just rich actors. Even more odd is Sen. Elizabeth Warren's comments that she "has zero sympathy" for the people caught lying to colleges for admission despite her own misgivings where she lied on her college admissions applications to gain preferential treatment as a minority. She conned her way through school and is now trying to con the American people by saying that capitalism is married to socialism and that a free market is actually "theft." Our markets have common law rules of torts and contracts to protect those trading. In truth, the government's confiscatory regulations are the real theft.

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