10/30/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

The mainstream media are forgetting crucial details about Paul Manafort's indictment. If these conspiracy charges were serious, the statute of limitations would’ve legitimately run out. Special counsel Robert Mueller was serving as FBI director while Manafort was allegedly engaged in this criminal activity. The question is why wasn’t a case brought against Manafort when Mueller was in charge of the FBI and the statutes of limitations was a non-issue? That means somebody dropped the ball. And furthermore, President Trump had nothing to do with any of this, this predates his campaign. There’s no Trump world involved in any of this. This isn’t about justice or seeking the truth. This is about doing everything possible to make a case against the president of the United States when you don’t have a case against the president of the United States. The best they could do is dig up financial statements and have George Papadopoulos plead to a false statement. After that, Andy McCarthy a former prosecutor and contributor to National Review calls in to talk about the charges against former members of the Trump campaign. Later, we have Mark Warner alleging collusion, when even Mr. Mueller couldn’t prove collusion from a criminal aspect. There is no collusion but that is not stopping Warner. The bottom line is that the left wants to impeach Trump, and get him out. Finally, William Jacobson of LegalInsurrection.com calls in to talk about the smear effort with false and malicious accusations before he spoke at Vassar College.

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