Master Plan #27: Designing from Other Games 1, Willow Palecek

Master Plan #27: Designing from Other Games 1, Willow Palecek Ryan kicks off this new series on designers discussing their experiences designing from other games by talking to new publisher Willow Palecek. She's recently published Awesome Adventures, her derivative of Evil Hat's FATE system. They talk for a bit about why she started with FATE, the reasons behind some of her design choices, and what sort of issues she's faces in playtesting those choices. After that, Ryan mentions a couple other podcasts where you can hear him talk and April's Sponsor Quote.

Willow Palecek & Awesome Adventures: Awesome Adventures ( FATE: Fantastic Adventures in Tabletop Entertainment by Evil Hat Productions Spirit of the Century by Evil Hat Productions Open Gaming License (Wikipedia) Places where Ryan won't shut up: Dreamation 2008 Indie Design Roundtable, part 1 (Sons of Kryos, non-direct link) Canon Puncture 32 Other mentions: d20 by Wizards of the Coast GURPS by Steve Jackson Games Running time: 27:00 / File size: 18.6 MB

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