Episode 054: Five Outsourcing Mistakes and the PM Challenges They Present

This week The PMO Podcast™ Featured Story presents, "Five Outsourcing Mistakes and the PM Challenges They Present", presented by Mark Perry (about Mark), host of The PMO Podcast™. Outsourcing has been around a long time and some say it will be continue to grow in thrive. Some businesses and business executives swear by it and defend it. But why are so many companies having continued difficulties with outsourcing? And it seems that many of these firms fall into the same trap over and over. And one of the key fundamental problems is that outsourcing mistakes present difficult challenges for project management and often your project managers left holding the bag. Today's show presents five outsourcing mistakes and the project management challenges they present.

The PMO Podcast™ Points Memo suggests, “Be open to what’s possible and act on your ideas, especially the good ones." Why is it that some people find opportunities where others only see problems? And why is it that some people are always busy turning an idea into a reality, where others think about great ideas but don’t act on them? Are you open to what’s possible and do you act on them? Well, in 1943, a mechanical engineer by the name of Richard James was and you will enjoy hearing his story.

The PMO Podcast™ Mailbag answers a listener question on whether or not to leave a difficult workplace and working environment.

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