Jukebox #22 Paul Le Claire

Paul was born in 1963 in Jersey.nbsp;Paul Vincent Le Claire is a member of thenbsp;States of Jersey.nbsp;Upon leaving school he served in the Royal Marines as a bugler before moving on to a career in personal protection, and becoming a fully qualified executive protection specialist. He is a musician, having had three albums produced and distributed over the internet and regularly performing in healing masses for the Christian community in Jersey. These include the Queen of Peace which was inspired by the miraculous healing of a young boy in Medjugorje. In Summer 2000, he played support for Art Garfunkel when the singer visited Jersey for a concert at Fort Regent. [ad#post-ad] This time we can hear 'Summer Skies' from the Jukebox. Produced by Marc Mitchell. The track has been in our libraries for years and now it's on air: it's a track that really gives you this typical warm feeling brought to you by paul's voice, the instruments and mix is remarkable and will stick in your head for days, months... "the beauty of it all,nbsp;compared to Summer Skies how wonderfull the world,nbsp;looks through Lover's Eyes how beautiful it seems,nbsp;if you only try" Artist: Paul Le Claire Track: Summer Skies Album: Queen of Peace Buy the album 'Queen of Peace' on iTunes Store here Buy the album 'Queen of Peace' on CDBaby here Jukebox copy; 2009 - spacemusic.nl

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