#4: Gretchen Carlson’s “Jump off a Cliff”

Journalist, author, and advocate Gretchen Carlson (@GretchenCarlson) paved the way for #metoo with her historic 2016 sexual harassment complaint against the chairman of Fox News. Named one of Time Magazine’s “100 Most Influential People in the World,” and author of New York Times bestsellers "Be Fierce"and "Getting Real," Carlson is one of America’s most successful news anchors and a globally recognized advocate for women’s empowerment. Carlson previously hosted “The Real Story” on Fox News, and co-hosted the number-one rated cable morning news show, “Fox and Friends," for more than seven years. Carlson’s recently announced return to television, as host and producer of A+E and Lifetime Network documentaries, breaks the barriers and blacklisting she faced after saying “enough” to harassment. Her comeback is a beacon of hope for other brave women demoted, fired, or blacklisted from their chosen careers after reporting sexual harassment.Carly sat down with Gretchen Carlson in New York for a conversation about courage in the face of a powerful status quo. They discuss:Diving into controversy, Miss America, and a lifelong pattern of harassmentWhen Gretchen & Carly learned that the world is different for womenGretchen’s harrowing story of assaultThe survivor’s voiceWhy making a plan makes a differenceHow harassment happens in every industry and in every sector – and it crushes potentialHow to tackle trauma in your unique wayHow in every case of harassment, there were ALWAYS bystanders: “people knew”How we’ve all been guilty of being bystanders – and we use a lot of excuses to justify standing byHow the #MeToo movement is just getting started – thanks in part to Gretchen Carlson’s leadershipHow you can do it, too
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