#1: Baron Davis - Hometown Kid Turned “Dream King”

Baron Davis (@barondavis) is a two-time NBA All-Star and record holder, serial entrepreneur, and businessman. He is one of the original investors in VitaminWater and founder of SLiC Media, No Label, BIG, LA Unified, History of The Game, UWish, and The Black Santa Company. Baron currently plays in the BIG 3 League and has even served as the producer of several acclaimed documentaries including 30 for 30: Sole Man, Crips and Bloods: Made In America, and The Drew: No Excuse, Just Produce. Dino Smiley (@drewleague) is the Founder & Board Director of The Drew League. The Drew League’s goal was to help young people form meaningful relationships on the court that would spill over into the neighborhood, as well as build an institution that would bring top local high school, college, and pro players back to the community. It plays host to Southern California’s toughest competition, attracting streetball legends, collegiate athletes, and several NBA stars.Carly sat down with Baron and Dino in Baron's "Storytelling Room" in his Santa Monica offices for a conversation about seeing possibilities despite difficult circumstances. They discuss: How Baron and Carly met and formed an unlikely connection Baron's difficult upbringing and the two most influential people in his life.  The difference between having a million dollars and having a million dollar mind What Baron always wears around his neck and why How Baron got the nickname "The Dream King" Why Baron Davis decided to stay in his hometown of Los Angeles to play at UCLA, despite offers from the best schools in the country What the Drew League is, how it was created, and how Dino brokered a deal with local gangs to protect the leagues and the players How the Drew League has created the next generation of leaders in the community The value of collaboration to help communities
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