Ep.27- Want To Become More Passionate Today?

Do you feel like there's too much pressure to find your purpose? and just answer the damn phone when the universe is calling? Maybe, have an AHA moment when things will just make sense and you'll know what you were sent to earth for? 

And another myth, you should be so in love with what you're doing that you'll be eternally happy and filled with joy. Also, since you obviously can't feel that way or wait your entire life for the right time. You can start with this. 

I heard it somewhere and it has helped me greatly. 

I don't know who came up with this but as of right now, my approach to passion and finding purpose are simpler. Passion can be found in your entire day, you can create it from with in. And it doesn't have to be a huge purpose, start small. 

One more thing that I've learned is that you can find what you're passionate about or something that will bring you joy by doing a bunch of different things. Try stuff out, you'll know in your heart that this is for you. 

Today, I'm talking about a mindset that will take some time to develop. You have to engrave it in your head. Practice makes perfect. But if you start looking at things with a different mentality, you'll feel more passionate about a lot of things. 

P.S. I'm working on making an outline and structuring it better. I didn't have enough time to rewrite the whole thing. Thank you for listening and let me know your feedback  @nabeelah.munshi

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