Mike "Hastr0" Rufail: CEO of Team Envyus

Mike Rufail aka "Hastr0", a name synonymous with OG Esports personalities, a true Gaming renaissance man, Pro-Player, Caster, Team Owner, you name it this dude has had to do it all, some say career progression, I say it was a deep rooted "need" to do it all, to learn it all, to learn it all to be able to succeed, when NV needed him to be a player, he played, when NV needed him to coach, he coached, when Call of Duty was in need of a shout caster, he casted, and finally, when NV needed him to help professionalize not only his team, but esports as a whole, he did. Mike's been making moves in esports for close to 15 years, a true OG of our scene, listen and learn to some never before heard stories of our come-up.

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