Taking Responsibility | 023

Responsibility is an important aspect of life but where in your life do you lack responsibility? In this episode of Warrior Health, Dr. Adam explains how an irresponsible patient had him examining his own life to see where he is irresponsible. In the end, we’re only human and taking responsibility in all aspects of our life 100% of the time is difficult. Join Dr. Adam in this episode as he explains that we should not just judge others on their lack of responsibility but also examine our own lives to help better ourselves. _______________________________ Welcome to Warrior Health. A podcast dedicated to the education of those seeking to find a holistic approach to health and wellness. Each week Dr. Adam Splaver, M.D., will speak to his listeners about a method and blueprint that will integrate every aspect of their physical and spiritual health. Sharing this information so that you too, can enjoy a happy and healthy lifestyle.

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