Blackfishing, Hyper-Sensitivity & Marijuana

In this weeks episode, The Big Bros sit down to discuss various topics that have been going viral on the “Twitters”. We start off with our thoughts on the new Avengers: Endgame trailer and the reboot of some tv shows. We talk about Blackfishing and the controversy that surrounds some Instagram models who partake in it, what it means to “talk white” and the hyper sensitivity in today's society. We then shift our focus to the cigarette company Marlboro, who have bought a 45% stake in the cannabis company, Cronos Group, which is a gutsy business move that may indicate whether or not the US will be legalizing marijuana soon. Is Blackfishing a real problem? Are there ever such a things as “talking white”? Will we ever go back to not being so hyper-sensitive? Will Marijuana finally be legalized throughout all 50 states and what effects will it have? Let us know your thoughts on those questions.If you have any topic recommendations please feel free to email us at or DM us on Instagram/Twitter @bigbrospodcastSocial Media Info:Ayub 
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