August in Review

Welcome to another month in review! Intimate Interactions is a weekly podcast with every second episode only available to my patreon followers. This week is a patreon only week so I thought I’d give you a quick rundown of what I’ve been up to this month! For the podcast only, I’ve been producing up a storm. In August including today, I’ve published five episodes to patreon and two (every other week) here. Episode 8, Intimate Struggle, details the non monogamous and kinky struggles of MsBlaze,  an event organizer, the CEO of MVK, mistress of some lucky slaves, and much more. She shares her struggle with forthcoming transparency that helps you see even the most productive people, even those who seem like all their shit is perfectly together, even those who are educators like myself, we have all had our struggles and often are still struggling in various ways. In Episode 9, Mother, Mistress, Sadist, MsBlaze continues to discuss her life in the context of being a mother and discuss the intersections with consensual slavery. We also get to dig into consensual sadism a little bit and talk about healthy ways for sadist to be who they are and be loved and appreciated for it. In Episode 10, Manifesto Destiny, Piper shares her awesome perspective on relationship anarchy. They are a former partner of mine and we still have great chemistry together. This is probably one of my favourite sessions to date. In Episode 11, Pulling the Trigger, Mark Hughes talks about homelessness, drug addiction, prison, socialization, triggers, and attempting to reintegrate into society. It’s a raw session with honest, powerful content. I’m so fortunate to have guests who are willing to speak their truth. In Episode 12, Lifetime Anxiety, Cathy Vartuli, a San Francisco based anxiety expert, talks about lower case T traumas and the way we internalize danger. We discuss strategies for tackling anxiety and hopefully provide some helpful information for everyone. I’ll be publishing two of those episodes for free here next month and of course, they’re all already available for my patreon subscribers. Speaking of those awesome humans who help me pay bills, I’ve also made progress on my consent framework. I’m still not done on my best practices approach to consent, but progress has been made. My accountability guidebook and restorative justice work has been going well. I’m almost through the book Conflict is Not Abuse and have fairly strong opinions on what I like and what I dislike about it. I love the way it challenges things we all take for granted. It’s a little too second wave about family for my liking, but all in all I’m learning and reflecting which is good. I also did my first One-Sided Witnessing. A Witnessing is where a survivor of a sexual assault provides an Impact Statement anonymously and that is presented to the Alleged sex offender. A One-Sided Witnessing is where the survivor is not present to read their impact statement but instead it is witnessed in a one-sided fashion, away from the survivor. In this instance, I was able to gather group feedback anonymously as well as one detailed, specific impact statement. I was also able to get consent to write down some general notes of how the Alleged took the information and what they might have to say. I was cautious to wait until after processing had happened and then shared some of the growth I saw. The two main parties to that Witnessing process both said thanks and seemed happy with the outcome which is pretty amazing from my perspective. It seems like it made a genuine positive impact on both parties and by extension on the community as a whole. I hope to do more of that work. There are already two individuals waiting on a process with multiple people reporting, but I’m busy trying to work, earn money, and of course continue my podcast. All of it is time. I’d love one day to quit my day job just to work on restorative justice and podcasting but it’s time consuming and I only have 16 patreons right now. If you want to be part of the solution and support this kind of work, please go to patreon dot com slash victor salmon and pledge to support me while I try to document strategies and systems for people to help make our communities better places to live and play. That’s all for August. Thanks for listening, and talk to you soon.

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