FGH-0015: Interview with Stephan Bormann, Creative and Versatile World Traveler of GuitarApr 02, 2019 Listen
FGH-0014: Interview with Petteri Sariola, Virtuoso Percussive Guitarist & Singer SongwriterDec 22, 2018 Listen
FGH-0013: Interview with Joscho Stephan – Gypsy Jazz Guitar VirtuosoNov 29, 2018 Listen
FGH-0012: Interview with Ulli Bögershausen – Expressive & Elegant Composer, Arranger and GuitaristOct 28, 2018 Listen
FGH-0011: Interview with Emil Ernebro – Country, Jazz, & Fingerstyle Guitar Powerhouse from SwedenOct 16, 2018 Listen
FGH-0010: Interview with Sönke Meinen – Guitarist, Composer and Winner of the 2016 “Guitar Masters” CompetitionOct 11, 2018 Listen
FGH-0009: How can you overcome nervousness and panic when playing solo fingerstyle guitar onstage?Sep 11, 2018 Listen
FGH-0008: Interview with Robin Bullock – Celtic Guitar, Mandolin, Cittern and More…Aug 30, 2018 Listen
FGH-0007: Interview with Guitarist Mike Dowling – American Roots, Bottleneck Blues, Ragtime and More…Aug 09, 2018 Listen
FGH-0006: Interview With Legendary Percussive Guitar Innovator Preston ReedAug 06, 2018 Listen
FGH-0005: Interview With Bill Cooley – One of Nashville’s Most Respected Sidemen and Guitarist for Kathy MatteaJul 01, 2018 Listen
FGH-0004: Interview With Al Petteway – Grammy & Indie Award Winning Fingerstyle Guitarist and ComposerJun 28, 2018 Listen
FGH-0003: Interview With Tony McManus – Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar MasterJun 27, 2018 Listen
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FGH-0001: How will practicing 6/8 make my straight 4/4 time better?Jul 12, 2017 Listen