21: Carlos Sainz: "Racing is in my blood - my father taught me a champion's mentality"Nov 14, 2018 Listen
20: Claire Williams: “I had no aspirations to run an F1 team - it was never in my destiny”Nov 07, 2018 Listen
19: Jackie Stewart: “I removed emotion completely when I drove racing cars – I had to…”Oct 31, 2018 Listen
18: Nico Rosberg: “I don’t miss the driving, but I miss the winning…”Oct 24, 2018 Listen
17: Charles Leclerc: “People say the pressure in Ferrari will be on another level - but mental strength is my biggest quality”Oct 17, 2018 Listen
16: Johnny Herbert: “I always felt I could beat anyone, anytime, in any car. But after my accident, I never had those feelings again…”Oct 10, 2018 Listen
15: Pierre Gasly: “The Red Bull programme tests you every day to see how strong you are. Once you get it, you know how to handle things…”Oct 03, 2018 Listen
14: Alain Prost: “You can’t talk about my rivalry with Senna without understanding what happened after I retired…”Sep 26, 2018 Listen
13: Toto Wolff: "I run a successful F1 team but that's nothing compared to what other people have achieved..."Sep 19, 2018 Listen
12: Stefano Domenicali: “Being a normal guy, I’m proud to have been at Ferrari for so long…”Sep 12, 2018 Listen
11: Romain Grosjean: "Mark Webber wanted to punch me, and I had nothing to say in my defence..."Sep 05, 2018 Listen
10: Eddie Jordan: “Starting an F1 team was the stupidest thing I ever did – you cannot imagine the stress”Aug 29, 2018 Listen
9: Gerhard Berger: "I tried to get results, but I also tried to not miss the party..."Aug 22, 2018 Listen
8: Jacques Villeneuve: “I learnt from my father about pushing the limits and taking risks” Aug 15, 2018 Listen
7: Christian Horner: "The Queen once quizzed me on Multi 21..."Aug 08, 2018 Listen
6: Martin Brundle: “I was a racer – I had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the commentary box”Aug 01, 2018 Listen
5: Esteban Ocon: "My family gave up everything for me – there was no choice but to succeed"Jul 25, 2018 Listen
4: Mark Webber: “Maybe I could have been less intense…but there was so much at stake”Jul 18, 2018 Listen
3: Robert Kubica: “I wanted to improve as a driver… but I paid too high a price” Jul 11, 2018 Listen
2: Lewis Hamilton: "F1 has given me a life - but it's also broken me"Jul 04, 2018 Listen
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