On Voluntary Leadership and Mimesis

Imitation is often described as the sincerest form of flattery, but it can also serve as the best way to create new habits and learn new skills. In this episode, Chad and Stephanie talk about imitation as a tool for accelerated learning and why you need to be working with people who are better than you. Mission Daily and all of our podcasts are created with love by our team at Mission.org We own and operate a network of podcasts, and brand story studio designed to accelerate learning. Our clients include companies like Salesforce, Twilio, and Katerra who work with us because we produce results. To learn more and get our case studies, check out Mission.org/Studios. If you’re tired of media and news that promotes fear, uncertainty, and doubt and want an antidote, you’ll want to subscribe to our daily newsletter at Mission.org and you’ll get a mission-driven newsletter that will help you start your morning off right.

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