Four Cult-ural Trends You (Might) Have to Fight

Why is the world the way it is?  Is society healthy? Or has our modern culture become... a cult?  In this episode, we do a deep dive into one of the most important parts of Zero to One that we haven't heard anyone cover.  “So why is progress slowing and why don’t people believe in secrets? Along with the natural fact that physical frontiers have receded, four social trends have conspired to root out belief in secrets.” -Peter Thiel, author of Zero to One.  By learning about these four cult-ural trends and pressures, you'll be able to spot them, and stop them from sabotaging your progress (and the progress of those you care about).  This episode is brought to you by Audible! To get a FREE audiobook, go to or text themission to 500 500.  The Mission also publishes the#1 newsletter for accelerated learning each day on Monday through Friday. Join hundreds of thousands of subscribers at:

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