86) How championing artisan craft enables us to become better environmental stewards and impactful shoppers with Liza Moiseeva

How does supporting artisans around the world simultaneously help support sustainability? As the holiday season and Black Friday are coming up, what are some things we should keep in mind to help us be able to shop more ethically and sustainably?   Shedding light on these topics and more is Liza Moiseeva, Co-Founder of the leading Fair Trade social enterprise subscription box company GlobeIn. Due to the popularity and great success of the company, they've been able to invest millions of dollars in artisan communities over the past few years alone, helping to alleviate poverty through empowerment.   Let's dive in.   HIGHLIGHTS  [8:20] Kaméa: "How does the consumer know whether the businesses are responsible for ethical production, or if all of the middle men in the supply chain are responsible?" [14:33] Liza on the keys to GlobeIn reaching such a  large audience  to be able to support their artisan communities around the world. [15:37] Kaméa: "How can supporting artisans around the world also support sustainability?" [22:29] Liza's advice on how to shop mindfully this holiday season. [25:07] Liza's tips for someone who is just getting into the sustainability and social impact space.   Thanks for bringing your light! Find the full show notes with links and resources at www.greendreamer.com/86, subscribe to our newsletter to win monthly giveaways, and share your #1 takeaway from the episode tagging our featured guest and me @KameaChayne to spread the light and to let us know you're tuning in!

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