73) Why we need to redefine what it means to travel for leisure with Evelina Utterdahl of Earth Wanderess

What are the social and environmental impacts of travel that we should be aware of? Why do we need to redefine what it means to be a tourist so that traveling can become a more sustainable leisure activity? Evelina Utterdahl, the ethical and sustainable travel blogger behind Earth Wanderess (who decided to stop flying this year) shares her wisdom with us on this episode.   HIGHLIGHTS: [14:20] Eve discusses the privilege of having the time, money, and powerful passport to be able to travel freely. [16:32] Eve on the social and environmental costs of travel we should know. [19:56] Easy things we can do as tourists to support local economies and help address the social and environmental costs of travel. [22:21] Eve: "I think we need to change the mindset that traveling has to be far away or exotic... It can be in your own hometown." [26:36] The greatest life lesson Eve has learned through her travels.   Thanks for bringing your light! Find the full show notes with links and resources at www.greendreamer.com/73, and share your #1 takeaway from the episode tagging our featured guest and me @KameaChayne to spread the light and to let us know you're tuning in!

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