44) A $2.2 Million "Tiny Business" that led the reusable bag movement with ECOBAGS Founder Sharon Rowe

How was Sharon Rowe able to grow her company into a $2.2 million tiny business while being a pioneer, leading the reusable bag movement? How can we thrive personally, professionally and financially, all while not compromising our values rooted in sustainability?   Sharon Rowe, founder of ECOBAGS, shares her wisdom with us on this episode.   HIGHLIGHTS: [8:55] Kaméa: "What was one of the most difficult moments in building your business?"  [11:30] What kept Sharon going in spite of stressful moments in her business. [12:55] What Sharon would tell the younger version of her back when she wanted to quit her business. [13:43] Kaméa: "What has been key to ECOBAGS' growth?" [14:40] Sharon: "Your fans are the people who take your story, if they believe you're doing it authentically, and take it further than you could possibly ever take it." [14:59] Kaméa: "What has been effective in how you communicated your brand's why so that customers really connect with it?" [18:06] Sharon's motivation to write her new book, The Magic of Tiny Business. [23:52] Sharon: "You have to stay healthy in order to grow your business." [24:13] Sharon's advice for someone who is passionate about sustainability but is having trouble scaling their business. [26:47] Sharon: "If you stay on the path and you're listening and actively practicing where you want to go and how you want to get there, you will get there."    Thanks for bringing your light! Find the full show notes with links and resources at www.greendreamer.com, and share your #1 takeaway from the episode tagging our featured guest and me @KameaChayne to spread the light and to let us know you're tuning in!

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