29) Saving the face of sustainability and getting publicity for your conscious brand with Orchard and Broome’s Stephanie Sica

If you're interested in learning how working with a publicist can elevate your work, or what doing PR for yourself might look like, this is an episode for you.   What do we need to have in place before we pitch our work to the media (or work with publicists to do so) to increase our chances of getting featured? From a PR perspective, what does sustainability need to garner more attention from the public? Founder of Orchard and Broome, the first PR agency to selectively represent sustainable and ethical brands, Stephanie Sica, shares her wisdom with us.   HIGHLIGHTS [3:43] Stephanie: “I love the innovation and creativity that sustainability offers.” [7:46] What Stephanie does to create work/life balance as an entrepreneur. [8:36] One thing eco-creatives and entrepreneurs can do to increase reach and credibility. [10:11] How to know when a brand ready to work with a PR agency. [11:52] Why it’s important for brands to have of a budget and invest in long term relationships. [14:38] What it means for entrepreneurs do do PR for themselves. [16:48] What brands should look for in a publicist. [21:40] Stephanie: “I think we need to work hard to stress the inclusivity of sustainability and the idea that sustainability can be for everybody.” [28:00] Stephanie: “I don’t compare myself to others because I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t do things my way.”   Thanks for bringing your light! Find the full show notes with links and resources at www.greendreamer.com, and share your #1 takeaway from the episode tagging our featured guest and me @KameaChayne to spread the light and to let us know you're tuning in!

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