#22 The Discipleship Pathway Part 6 – The Crowd

In this episode of the Making Disciples podcast, Robby Gallaty and Chris Swain continue the discussion of the Discipleship Pathway. In this episode, they talk about “the crowd”. 00:00: What is “the crowd” 02:00: Why not start with the crowd? 02:45: Escalator Evangelism 04:15: Out the back door 06:00: Stop trying to grow your church 07:10: Outward focused and inward focused. 08:40: Start with your community 10:00: Biblical disciplemaking focuses evangelism and discipleship 11:00: Have you heard of the great commission? 12:15: When discipleship can be anything, discipleship is nothing 13:10: Define the terms 14:30: Changing the focus 16:15: Home Depot approach to ministry 17:40: Setting the goals 19:00: Next steps

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