LISTEN BEFORE 11/22 - 10 tips for improving your sleep and energy levels this holiday season

Enjoy Lisa's chat with Jacob Teitelbaum, MD.  In this interview he expands on the below 10 tips for improving your sleep and energy levels this holiday season.  He is fun, engaging, and full of great info for healthy living!   1) You can have your cake and eat it too. There are health benefits to pleasure, so enjoy your dessert, but in small quantities.2) Chocolate is a health food, but it’s rich, so go for quality, not quantity. 3) Abdullah chocolates (with sugar) are just so good you won’t need much to feel satisfied. They also have an excellent sugar-free line.4) Stay away from “energy loan sharks” like sugary, caffeinated drinks that provide a temporary boost but end in a crash, and often insomnia. 5) An excellent alternative? Find healthy sources of energy that make you feel good throughout the day and improve overall health. I recommend D-ribose (5 mg per day) mixed with the Energy Revitalization System (replaces 35 vitamin pills in a single scoop) to start the day off with a healthy, legitimate energy source that supports you for many hours. 6) A quick fix for getting energized is to drink 12 ounces of cold water. 7) Make time for sleep by entering it in your appointment scheduler. 8) Cut out things you don’t enjoy; the stuff that doesn’t make you feel good.9) Try natural sleep supplements like Revitalizing Sleep and Healthy ZZZs before you go for sleeping pills or antihistamines. 10) Avoid “energy vampires” who leave you feeling drained after speaking with them. Don’t be afraid to say “no.”

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