Not A Happy Ending |042

In this episode of Shades of Intimacy, Jason and Jennie are sharing their disbelief and anger with their listeners. What can you do when a small town decides to regulate the ability to heal through touch by classifying as a sexually oriented business? You don't take it lying down (pun intended) You need to educate those that have been triggered by a bad experience to understand that not all sexual energy is wrong. Just by covering a nipple with a glittery star, does not make the nipple cease to exist. It's the systemic sedation of the American man and woman, and we need to realize without touch, we will all die. _______________________________ Join Jason and Jennie each week as they train, teach, tell and set the stage for people to experience their own growth within their relationships and families. Reaching the depths couples intuitively know is possible but have no clue how to get there is what they are committed too. Shades of Intimacy will give you the tools to start or continue your journey and continue to move forward in your relationship. It's time to get connected and build your tribe.

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