Lea Thompson "Who are we going to get to punch Biff?"Jul 13, 2018 Listen
Zeke Smith & Nico Santos "A little bit of fame transcends all the hate"Jul 06, 2018 Listen
Greg Grunberg “I thought we were going to take longer to get into this!"Jun 29, 2018 Listen
Emilio Estevez "Can I just say what a fan I am? It’s so surreal to be sitting here. I have followed the show for so long."Jun 22, 2018 Listen
Martin Sheen "The good thing about the current administration is that they really make you believe anyone can become President… (with a little help from our Soviet friends)"Jun 15, 2018 Listen
Marsha Warfield "Facebook is the 21st century version of sitting in the window yelling at people"Jun 08, 2018 Listen
Tara Strong with Carlos Alazraqui "Hokey Smokes, we’d sure love to have our country back from those weird Russians dude”Jun 01, 2018 Listen
Danny Zuker "I felt so sexy in that moment, that like I'm having notes left at the CNN dressing room for me"May 25, 2018 Listen
Kathy Griffin "Google my name and you’ll know I didn’t vote for him"May 18, 2018 Listen
Aisha Tyler "What if this was exactly what progressives need to get their sh!t together?"May 11, 2018 Listen
Christine Lahti "We have our wine, it's never awkward"May 04, 2018 Listen
Ross Mathews "Nobody's given me an award YET, but I will get one for that interview. I know it!"Apr 27, 2018 Listen
Fortune Feimster "My Super Model Good Looks Intimidates All the Men & Women In the Room"Apr 20, 2018 Listen
Rob Reiner "Do I have to curse because I'm on the Happy Hour?"Apr 13, 2018 Listen
"Stephanie Miller's Happy Hour" TeaserMar 30, 2018 Listen