Jan. 23rd, Level 2: Islanders are a great story, Mo's innings, GOAT terminology, Get Off My Lawn, and more..

The second level of the show starts with Gabe saying the Islanders winning streak is one of the best stories in the NHL, and maybe in sports, but knows that people like Corey will never care about hockey. Gabe argues with Corey if Marinao Rivera would have been able to sustain his closer numbers if he had to pitch more than 1 inning, and also looks at pitchers like Denis Eckersley would also be considered great closers if they had to pitch more than 1 inning. Talking about calling someone the greatest of all time, Gabe hates the term GOAT, citing how normally, being called the goat means you screwed up. Michelle tells the Philadelphia media, who can't get any reports about Manny Machado, Bryce Harper, or even Carson Wentz contract talks correctly, to get off her lawn. Gabe takes her segment, and talks about how MLB and the NFL need to get a handle on these money issues, before there is a lockout of both sports in 2021\. The Morning After crew ends the hour talking about how Los Angeles fans will not be that rowdy come Super Bowl, explaining that they are a laid back fanbase.

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