Bad College Advice,Macaroni Robbers,Googly Eyed Fish,Fake News Headlines - Ep. 27 - Funny News Comedy

<p>We kickoff this week's episode of Delay Radio like every other...awkwardly. Jethrow kicks us off with searching Reddit for questions, including someone seeking advice for new college students. Get a blood test, remember you're young, and in the words of Jethrow, "don't". We mean, there are probably some famous people that figured it out, right? Because dad doesn't understand that the world is different so you still need tuition for next semester. Here are some other options: get famous on Instagram - there's a few ideas. Well, one. Okay? Okay. After we talked about this, we turned this into a conversation about PB&J.</p>
<p>Also, D had this rubber toy that was a banana filled with sand - that he was whipping around the entire episode. But we quickly got down to business. Police in New York were able to catch 3 robbery suspects from a burger joint, following a trail of macaroni salad. Also, in Kuwait, local fish market owners took googly eyes , the ones that you find at hobby or craft stores, and put them on the fish to make them appear fresh. How do people not realize this? As it turns out, people really didn't fall for it, and they were shot down.</p>
<p>After talking about real news headlines,Hackerman tried to trick the rest of the team by mixing real news headlines with the others and trying to make us guess which one is fake.</p>

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