Ruined fake jobs,worst bathroom stories,Cardi B,weird world records,fake news headlines - Ep. 26 - Funny News Comedy

Once we actually go started, we came up with the jobs/careers that we wanted hypothetically, and then how we could ruin it. Honch wanted to be a pizza delivery man, so it makes sense that he wouldn't own a car, D wanted to be a CEO,Hackerman wants to be a pilot so he's going to be blind - and Jethrow wants to develop video games, so he's going to get migraine headaches when he's thinking about video games.

After talking about jobs, Honch wanted to talk about 'bathroom behaviors'. Honch gives his list of things not to do in the bathroom - he's so angry about the stupid stuff that people do in the bathroom. Honch decided to quiz us about what to do in various scenarios, including warm breathing and 'thunder dumping'.

Eventually we make our way to world records, including eating powdered donuts, cats and dice, balancing a soccer ball on a car, and then we end with guessing fake news headlines, including ghosts,goats,uber,candy.

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