Bad Porn Names,Elon Musk,Space Perfume..Grilled Pineapple,Shirt Smell Dating,Find Fake News Headlines including Lindsay Lohan and Kardashians - Ep. 25 - Funny News Comedy

So after some complete nonsense, we go into porn names. There is the old addage about using your street name, middlename, etc. But as it turns out, there are some other methods to come up with your porn screen name - and each of us give up our new porn names. And with those conventions, what happens if the street you live on is socially prominent? Yes, we accidentally went there...and as it turns out, Jethrow is Christopher Steel. After talking about bad porn names, we talk about smells - a wife made a perfume that smelled like her husband, who is an astronaut because she missed him. We asked the group what musk smell they would want for the rest of your life; BBQ and other food items came up, but the Honch took it a step further to grilled pineapple.

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