World's Longest Fingernails,Sound FX FAILS,Penis Flashing Soccer Coach in England,Reddit Questions about Presidents,Movies,Tom Cruise,MI6,Disney,Nebraska frog hostage,Liquid Big Mac at McDonalds,Skin Conditions - Ep. 24 - Funny News Comedy

We think we're running a real news podcast, but we're apparently doing it wrong, because we're using a soundboard. But once we go off on a real tangent of playing with sound fx, an 82 year old man has been growing his nails for 66 years, and recently cut them for display at Ripley's Believe It Or Not in New York City. What started as punishment from a teacher, turned into a lifetime of nail growing. And you won't believe this, but they had to use a grinder to cut the nails. The longest nail was 6.5 ft long, can you believe that? After talking about super long nails, Honch was disgusted...and wanted to get back to being normal after hearing the story about nails, so a youth football coach has been banned after he was aggressively flashing his penis at a game, and not just at the players, but at the crowd as well. This, of course, was after becoming drunk, drinking quite a few pints of beer. If you don't want to be fined, then you should probably stop drinking. After talking about penis flashing, we found a question on reddit, "What fictional president of the U.S is your favorite?" As it turns out, quite a few of the guys chose Idiocracy's president as their favorite, and a few funny mentions of Armageddon. A couple of the guys have seen the latest installment of Mission Impossible, featuring Tom Cruise doing all of the standard shots for the movie. By the way, how old is he? After talking about movies, a man rolled a car in Hershey, Nebraska. He hitchhiked away from his vehicle, but he said he was going to assault to police, but he took a frog hostage and proceeded to throw rocks and trash at the police, and in case you were wondering...the frog is fine! After going into bad impressions of muppets, we go into the "would you rather?" via the wonderful book of Zobmondo. Would you rather swab peoples toes, or have a job taking pictures of skin conditions, which turned into a story about D playing in the woods, getting exposed. He awoke and had to eat a Big Mac through a straw because he insisted on it. You're welcome McDonalds.

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